Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

This beautiful acoustic guitar starter package is made of an all wood construction, steel strings and a glossy smooth finish. It is the best guitar starter kit that includes a guitar pick, pitch pipe, shoulder strap, and an extra set of strings! Best Choice provides you with everything you need to get started in this package. It can be hard to get all you need in one package without over spending but this product is not only high quality, it is also inexpensive. 

Acoustic Guitar Starter

This guitar also comes with a nylon carrying case. A perfect accessory for storage and travel. Cases are also important for protecting your guitar from dings and the outside elements

This is a right-handed guitar that is ideal for beginners and is 100% ready to use out of the box. You cannot beat the convenience of this product. 


The 38” Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package has over 1700 reviews with a 3.5-star rating.

When compared with similar packages this guitar set stands head and shoulders above the rest. Take a look at the Amazon comparison below.

acoustic guitar reviews

There are few review that call into question the quality of the guitar. I do not agree with these considering the price you will pay for this instrument. This is not the choice for you if you are a experienced acoustic guitar player looking for a high quality product.

This package is for beginners or teenagers who are just starting their acoustic guitar starter experience. The package comes with everything you need to start playing immediately. The reviews talk very highly when it comes to the additions included in this package. Primarily the pitch pipe. This is one of the easiest ways to tune your guitar and is perfect for the beginner.  

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